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1965 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

This beautiful “Electra Glide in Blue” is the result of a complete #OCMS restoration. The image of the bike in black is how the motorcycle showed up with a laundry list of mechanical issues, aesthetic issues, and “correctness” issues.

Motor and transmission rebuilt by Pat’ Machine Shop in Soulsbyville, CA

Wheels by Bob’s Cycle Supply in Phoenix, AZ

Paint by TP Custom Chop Shop in San Bruno, CA

All other work done by Old Calaveras Motorcycle Services

1984 FX Make-Over

After some years trying to get this birth year bike I was able to make a deal with the previous owner for the “Shovil”

I got it down to the frame and drivetrain right away.

Serviced the swingarm, changed to a 40 spoke rear wheel, changed the shocks, changed to a smaller final drive sprocket, put a new chain on.

Used new neck cups and bearings with wide glide trees and 21″ off of the 85 I recently sold and used the 2″ over fork assemblies that came on this bike (It came in with raked, billet trees).

pulled the wire harness, starter, dash, and switch housings off of the bike and got er down to kick only with an oil pressure light and high/low switch where the dash use to be.

Rebuilt the clutch and changed all fluids.

rebuilt the carb, changed to points, had the fuel tanks cleaned and lined.

Oh.. and some years ago I had converted this bike to forward controls for the previous owner which I kept…

a few other miscellaneous changes were made and the bike was cleaned up thoroughly. Topped er off with a sweet custom seat from www.WilderFactory.com made with blue stitching to match the paint.

All that’s left for this project is to get the pipe re-chromed whenever it’s convenient to do so…

Below are a couple “BEFORE” shots…

Cone Shovelhead 60s Style Chopper

In progress…

Here it is apart – ready for a clean up before goin back together…

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